Enigmato (other aliases: Tornadozzer, Explozzer)

One of the best polish hardstyle DJs and producers. His career started, when a famous DJ and producer – Flashrider declared, that Eni had won a contest for his “Sex In The Club” remix. He also helped in releasing first vinyl named “Enigmato – Harddstuff EP” in Flash Music.

Enigmato started djing in many famous polish clubs like Energy 2000, Wyższy Wymiar, Piramida, Bravo, Eden. In the meantime several polish producing groups released their singles with an Enigmato remix.

Eni started to release his tracks in labels like:

  • Audible Soundz
  • ETX Editiontraxx
  • Hardpounder Recordings
  • Nutty Trance
  • and

  • Explosive Records (as Explozzer)
  • Blutonium Records (as Tornadozzer)

In 2011 Enigmato joined Spoontech Records, where he produces hardstyle music in his original and powerful style. He regularly performs with the best DJs in the world in many polish clubs and at hardstyle events such as:

  • Toxicator
  • Toxicator Open Air
  • Kings of Hardstyle parties in Energy 2000 clubs